Even though FitnessLand has some of the most-pricey equipment (see the websites below), having state-of-the-art equipment is not our only forte.

A “serious” ambience is what we promote in both training studios. After all, you are here to train, not socialize!

Fairfield Home of HIT Express Fitness System

Fully air-conditioned in a clean and (almost) luxurious environment, the gym caters for 12 cardio machine users, a full cardio circuit, and over 50 strength training stations. The facility caters for the below people in mind:

  • People who are extremely time poor
  • Young teenagers (our specialty!)
  • Mature age up to 90 years of age (and beyond!)
  • Professional Athletes (We have had pro NFL, state martial arts champion, national champions)
  • Power lifters and Olympic Weight lifters (Yes we have a lifting platform and calibrated plates, current Australian Champion, Dr Marion Simpson trains here)
  • People with physical disabilities and challenges
  • General Strength and Muscles building enthusiasts
  • People who believe that the current Group Exercise Cross Training trend is unproductive and downright HARMFUL

We do NOT sell memberships indiscriminately. If an enquirer is not suitable we will advise accordingly. As such, our gym is never overcrowded. 8 people in attendance is considered "busy" for us! Come see for yourself on a Monday evening at 5pm and compare with those quick fix "gyms" open 24 hours to attract MORE people. We only want the right people here!

How do we do it? We treat each member's health and fitness as if it was our own. Would I do this to myself? If the answer is “No”, we just won't do it. Would I do this for myself? If the answer is “Yes”, we will do it. It is as simple as that!

Following are a few of the brands we have at our facilities:

The Management of FitnessLand is forever grateful to the uncompromised integrity of Stuart McRobert. His training wisdom can be found in